Tuesday, June 2, 2009

summer is coming!

It's that time again...the time to get delish fresh fruits and veggies from Farmer's Markets and people at work. I just picked up two absolutely beautiful cucumbers and a jar of fresh homemade spicy pickles from a girl at work. She also has some potatoes, but I passed on those. There is also a guy at work that has made an offer to the entire office to share the bounties of his garden with us for a small contribution to help offset the cost of seeds and fertilizer and such. I think that I am going to take him up on that and get my fresh produce from him. I love summer for that reason....I can walk down to Harvest Thyme and get a "Mother's Nature's Best," which is a huge bowl of fresh fruit topped with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and granola. Mmmmm, yum! I can eat a cucumber and some ranch dressing for lunch or dinner. We can have a simple pasta salad for dinner....all the easy stuff comes in summer, right along with the heat. I look forward to that aspect of the summer. It is hard to believe that it is here again.

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i'm black betty said...

i'm ready for mater sammiches... :)