Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday randoms

Emilia LOVES her new big girl table! We were lucky enough to have a friend give us a table for the new house. It is, by far, the fanciest thing in the house, but that's okay. We put it together one night after Em had gone to bed and the next night she had to sit at it....bye-bye high chair!!! I can't tell you how excited I am about that! So, here she is, her first meal at the big girl table...pork chop, blacked eyed peas and bananas. We did get her a booster seat this week, so she can eat and drink comfortably now. i couldn't even find the phone books for her to sit on, so that was a priority this weekend, for sure!

Well, Ricky and I made it another year without killing each other. Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary! Ricky's mom came over on Saturday to babysit so we could get out and do some shopping that we needed to do. Then for our anniversary dinner, we ordered pizza....what better way to celebrate, right???? It was very low key, we didn't even get each other a card, and it was nice. Yesterday, our actual anniversary, we worked around the house, Emilia had no nap and I was drinking by 6, so at least we had a good time on Saturday.

Two more weeks and my baby girl will be 2 years old! Where did the last 2 years go???? Seriously! She has blossomed so much in the last few months, it's crazy! She now is going through the stages of not listening, deliberately disobeying and "NO!" is her favorite word, "No Mommy, go away" is her favorite phrase. She is into everything....EVERYTHING! Yesterday I was thinking that I was an unfit mother, she had me in such a tizzy. I wanted to beat her senseless!!! She is definitely becoming more independent too...she now picks out her own clothes and can do all sorts of things by herself...and has to do them by herself. She is a mess!

Well, I guess I need to get back to work. Have a great week party peeps.... See ya later!

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i'm black betty said...

i can't believe she's turning 2!!!! she is beautiful.