Monday, June 1, 2009

I'mmmm baaaack!

What a crazy 10 days I just had, but I am happy to say that we are in our new house and no longer renters...woohoo! Our week started out pretty crazy, to say the least. We met our realtor at the house at 9 on Tuesday for the final walk through and the owner was still there packing up the last of her stuff. (WHAT!) She claimed that her realtor told her just the day before that she had to be out by Tuesday at 10 a.m. when we went to our closing. We went to the closing at 10, which didn't start till around 10:45....lots of sitting around, waiting. The movers came first thing Wednesday morning and got the majority of stuff over in the new the rain. It all ended up in the garage. We had to make SEVERAL more trips to the house to get the rest of the stuff and didn't finish with everything until Thursday night. The rain slowed us down quite a bit. The cleaners came on Thursday for the move out clean, which was a mess in and of it itself...I'll spare you the story and just say that they ended up coming back over on Friday to re clean my house....the right way. While they were finishing up the clean, GRU came over and turned of the electric and the water, so they had to finish in the dark and the heat, which it was 11:30 in the morning, so they could see, but they couldn't vacuum, they had to sweep and then mop...luckily, I assume, they had already gotten the water for the mopping. We turned in our keys at noon and said "goodbye" to rentals for what hope to be forever! OH! And in the middle of all this, my car decided to blow up....not catch on fire, but there was smoke, and the ENT called about Emilia's appointment for tubes. That really threw a monkey wrench in our plans. We got it done though, and on time. We got a lot of unpacking done on Friday, thanks to my MIL for coming over and helping. Saturday we got more done, but not a lot and Sunday I just hit a wall and could not go anymore. I think I got 2 boxes unpacked on Sunday, that's it. Emilia and the dogs made an almost seamless transition. My dad came over and patched up our fence (THANK YOU) so that the pooties could run around freely...they love their new yard, and we do too! There is much less barking and we are so happy about that. Emilia loves her new room...and loves to run in there and get her stuff out. She has been a big help in unpacking too....really, she has. She gets stuff out of the box and hands it to me...she was my little helper on Saturday.

Speaking of Emilia, we are in the throws of potty training and it is driving me crazy! "Pee-pee potty" allllllll the time, all the time, whether she has to or not. She did go poopy in the potty this weekend though, for the first time. One also slipped out on the floor too, later that day. I try to let her run around without pants on when we are at home, even though Ricky hates it. He's not the one that has to take her to the bathroom every 5 minutes. We are now in the pull ups, we are trying the cool alert ones...sometimes she doesn't seem to mind them though, which pisses me off since she is supposed to be annoyed by it and run to the potty. Oh well, it is a work in progress and we will get there. I am just so proud of her for starting this so early. She will be 2 this month...where does the time go???? I can't believe it. She is getting soooo big. I love her so much!

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