Monday, June 22, 2009


I love this just reminds me of how simple fun can be...a baby pool and a cup! Well, Emilia is now 2! I couldn't blog yesterday, on her actual birthday, because of the "I have to be with Mommy at ALL times" stage that we are in right now. I can't believe that my baby is 2! It was a VERY low key day, spent mostly in the nude, Emilia, not us.... We opened presents and had cake for lunch, after all it is HER birthday! She got her afternoon nap and then it was out to play in the pool and with the Elmo bubble blower and the lawnmower...then I guess she got tired of the heat and decided to come....thank goodness! Of course, we celebrated Father's Day as well, and today is Ricky's birthday, so we grilled out Saturday and Sunday, had some D-E-LICIOUS food! Some steaks, goody girl potatoes, grilled veggie skewers and Sister Schubert rolls....hellllll yeah! (I had to stick a little redneck in there)
We went to the 2 year well baby visit today...boy, was that fun! It got so bad when we were trying to weigh her and measure her that the Dr. came out of his office to check on her. Lawd have mercy on me....the tantrums are at their says the Dr. Dear lord, I hope he is right. She is right on track, in the 25th percentile, she is around 25 lbs., they had to take my word on that one since we couldn't get an accurate weight and she is 33 1/4 inches tall, her head as grown, it is now in the 25th percentile, having been in the 10th percentile and she is in great health. Still no ear infections. She does still have fluid in them, but no infection so we are thankful for that. No more shots for 3 years...woohoo! She got her last Hep A booster today and does not have to come back until after her next birthday. Yea!!!!!
Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from yesterday.
The cake that I made
This year was a little less messy, and she HAD to have a fork
Her favorite present. She came up out her seat for this one
This is how we spent most of the day, what better way!

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dat booty is scrumptious!!! she is so beautiful. happy days, happy days!!!