Friday, February 20, 2009

goodbye to another little bit of baby

This weekend we are retiring the high chair. In a way I am sad, because that is just one more thing that she has outgrown, but in another way.....thank you Lord, I can get that thing out of my house!

Most of you don't know this, but Ricky and I aren't quite adults....we don't have a dining room table anymore. Yes, I believe that having a dining room table, in part, classifies you as a adult. We currently eat on TV trays. We had one once, so I don't feel all that bad, but when we moved into this house, we got rid of it. Anyway, Emilia got a table and chair set for Christmas from Grammy and Grampy and apparently has decided that this is where she wants to eat from now on. Fine by me. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the little hoover vacs, aka the dogs, from getting her food. The last two meals have been alright, but I foresee the dogs getting on the table since it is about their height.

Next thing.....converting the crib to the toddler bed.....that one might make me cry!

Benadryl....the wonder drug!

I am sooooo happy to report that Emilia is doing so much better thanks to Benadryl! Thank you Christi and Kristi for the, obviously, was very much needed. This is 2 mornings in a row that Em has not woken up crusted over and she slept through the night last night! This is wonderful! I will have a healthy baby before I know it.

This just goes to show that you can't always rely on the Dr. to tell you what is best for you child. Sometimes, Moms really do know best. I have the greatest friends for listening to me whine and almost cry about my child and her issues....thanks, again!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

this too shall pass, right?

I have been away for a few days due to more illness in my house. I was struck by a stomach virus on Monday was terrible. Unlike the last one I had in December, I did not crap my pants, thank you Lord! I didn't even puke. I just couldn't leave the house. It took a long sleeve nightgown, socks, and 2 blankets to warm me was terrible! I am better now, thank goodness.

Ricky is STILL sick.

Emilia is still sick, but I do see a little twinkle at the end of the tunnel. After 4 phone conversations with the Dr.'s office with 3 different nurses, we finally got the 'okay' to give her Benadryl along with the antibiotics and cough syrup....I am so happy to say that she did not wake up with any crusties on her face this morning. Yesterday morning, you couldn't even tell there was a child under there, there was so much yuck on her face. Anyway, we have to give all the medicine 3 full days to see how it is going to work and then go from there. Hopefully we will kick this crap and get her better.....mommy needs a break!

Friday, February 13, 2009

damn weather

I wish that it would either be cold or warm...going from the highs in the 40's to the highs in the 80's is killing us. My husband AND my child have been sick since the BEGINNING of January. (throw in lots of swear words) Now, I have it, or at least I have a touch of it. My guess is that mine were allergies. I have been using that Alka Seltzer night time stuff and it knocked it right out.....that's my new drug. Anyway, I wish the same could be said for my nugget. We have been home the last 2 days with a double ear infection and conjunctivitis. (insert eye roll and head shake) Yesterday, I wanted to hurt someone. Today was better. Today, she only had a about 15 meltdowns instead of the 25 she had on Thursday. And can someone tell me how in the hell you give a toddler oral antibiotics. Poor thing, I about have to put her in a headlock to get most of it down, cause you know it all ain't goin' down. I am happy with just half of it going down. Oh well, I had a 4 day weekend...of course nothing got done, but that was 4 days that she away from all the sickness at daycare...I hope it helps.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

beautiful baby contest

Your are looking at the latest entry in the Live with Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby Contest....morning hair and all. Who could resist this face??? Stay tuned to see how she does. There are HUNDREDS of entries, so who knows how far she will go, but she is always my Beautiful Baby.

Monday, February 9, 2009

photo meme

This is what you do...
1) go to the 4th folder in my computer where you store your pictures. 2) pick the 4th picture in that folder. 3) explain the picture. 4) tag 4 people to do the same.
Okay, I did this at work, so there really was no telling what I would come up with....and this was it. This is Luke Bryan, a country singer. He opened up for Dierks Bentley, exactly a year ago this week. This was how I spent my Valentine's last year....looking at hot men! Woohoo! I went with my friend Michele.
I tag Christine, Francine, Stacey and Julie.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

peepoo, papoo, poopoo.....whatever, it's all the same

My nugget is now obsessed with peepoo....the latest name for it. It's actually very cute when she says it. She lets me know when she peepoos now, which is another step in the right direction. For the most part, I could never tell when she pooped, she went right on playing...multitasking, if you will. Now, she stops, no matter what she is doing, you can tell there is a definite push and a sigh at the end. I ask if she pooped, I get a 'yes.' Oh this is GREAT! Well, if you aren't watching her, sometimes you just have to do the smell, all I have to say is "let me smell you" and she walks over to me and I smell, pull out her pants and check....oh, this is GREAT too.....things seem to be getting easier....there is hope that we will be potty trained by 2! (keep your fingers crossed) So I am laying on the floor this afternoon and she walks up behind me, pulls my shirt up, pulls my pants out, looks down my pants and says "peepoo." WHAT! Okay, I didn't even fart....I guess she just thought she should check anyway.

Moral of the story, watch what your kids see you do!