Friday, February 13, 2009

damn weather

I wish that it would either be cold or warm...going from the highs in the 40's to the highs in the 80's is killing us. My husband AND my child have been sick since the BEGINNING of January. (throw in lots of swear words) Now, I have it, or at least I have a touch of it. My guess is that mine were allergies. I have been using that Alka Seltzer night time stuff and it knocked it right out.....that's my new drug. Anyway, I wish the same could be said for my nugget. We have been home the last 2 days with a double ear infection and conjunctivitis. (insert eye roll and head shake) Yesterday, I wanted to hurt someone. Today was better. Today, she only had a about 15 meltdowns instead of the 25 she had on Thursday. And can someone tell me how in the hell you give a toddler oral antibiotics. Poor thing, I about have to put her in a headlock to get most of it down, cause you know it all ain't goin' down. I am happy with just half of it going down. Oh well, I had a 4 day weekend...of course nothing got done, but that was 4 days that she away from all the sickness at daycare...I hope it helps.

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