Sunday, February 1, 2009

peepoo, papoo, poopoo.....whatever, it's all the same

My nugget is now obsessed with peepoo....the latest name for it. It's actually very cute when she says it. She lets me know when she peepoos now, which is another step in the right direction. For the most part, I could never tell when she pooped, she went right on playing...multitasking, if you will. Now, she stops, no matter what she is doing, you can tell there is a definite push and a sigh at the end. I ask if she pooped, I get a 'yes.' Oh this is GREAT! Well, if you aren't watching her, sometimes you just have to do the smell, all I have to say is "let me smell you" and she walks over to me and I smell, pull out her pants and check....oh, this is GREAT too.....things seem to be getting easier....there is hope that we will be potty trained by 2! (keep your fingers crossed) So I am laying on the floor this afternoon and she walks up behind me, pulls my shirt up, pulls my pants out, looks down my pants and says "peepoo." WHAT! Okay, I didn't even fart....I guess she just thought she should check anyway.

Moral of the story, watch what your kids see you do!


i'm black betty said...

LOL!!! too cute.

Julie said...

That is too funny! The other night at Lowes I had on a shirt with a vest type thing over it that was not zipped up. anyways, we are talking to a clerk when all of a sudden Ashley Ryan leans in and opens the vest and kisses my boob! There was an awkward moment between all of us standing there!!!