Thursday, February 19, 2009

this too shall pass, right?

I have been away for a few days due to more illness in my house. I was struck by a stomach virus on Monday was terrible. Unlike the last one I had in December, I did not crap my pants, thank you Lord! I didn't even puke. I just couldn't leave the house. It took a long sleeve nightgown, socks, and 2 blankets to warm me was terrible! I am better now, thank goodness.

Ricky is STILL sick.

Emilia is still sick, but I do see a little twinkle at the end of the tunnel. After 4 phone conversations with the Dr.'s office with 3 different nurses, we finally got the 'okay' to give her Benadryl along with the antibiotics and cough syrup....I am so happy to say that she did not wake up with any crusties on her face this morning. Yesterday morning, you couldn't even tell there was a child under there, there was so much yuck on her face. Anyway, we have to give all the medicine 3 full days to see how it is going to work and then go from there. Hopefully we will kick this crap and get her better.....mommy needs a break!

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Alice said...

I did throw up...but my stomach just cramps...and I felt like I have fever. What's up with that? How'd I get your virus from so far away??? ugh...

Hope y'all feel better!