Thursday, May 21, 2009

away for a little while

Well, the time has come....we are moving into our new house. We took tomorrow off to finish packing up the house. We hope to have 99.9% of it done tomorrow and Saturday morning. We still need to go shopping to get some things and I would like to sit down for a little while and do nothing, so that's what this weekend is all about....getting caught up without the little nugget around. (It really is amazing what you can get done in a short period of time without someone saying Mommy, Mommy, Mommy) We close on the house on Tuesday at 10 a.m., get the carpet installed Tuesday afternoon, movers come on Wednesday morning, cleaners come on Thursday afternoon for the move out clean and we will turn our keys in by noon on Friday. Serious time crunch, but we can get it done. We may be unpacking for months to come, but we will be in something that is our own....that is if we all make it through this without losing life or limb.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It looks like Miss Emilia will be getting tubes. We went to the Dr. yesterday for the followup to her appt 3 weeks ago and she has another/still has an infection in one ear and fluid in the other ear. This makes the 5th Dr.'s visit in 3 months for ear infections. The next appt. will be a followup with the Pediatric ENT and we will go from there. I can only assume that in the next couple of months we will be doing this.....not really what I wanted to hear, but I guess it needs to be done. I am so over the oral antibiotics. So over it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday night

I have two short stories for you:

Last night as I was cooking dinner, Emilia came up to me and said "uh-oh, Mommy" followed by "poo-poo" and "pee-poo" so I took her to the potty and she sat on the big girl potty and not 1 minute later, she pee-peed in the potty. And she peed quite a bit, so it seems that she is getting better at holding it and this was the first time that she had told me beforehand that she needed to go potty. I am so excited......I am so over diapers! Oh, and she went in the potty twice yesterday at daycare.

Story #2 - Again while I was cooking dinner last night, after Emilia had used the potty, she came back in the kitchen and started playing. She grabbed the Fruity Cheerio box out of the recycle can and was playing with it when she pulled out this little silver package. I thought it was a toy, so I let her play with it. She took it to Ricky and wanted him to open it, which he did and pulled out a Discover Gift Card.......whoa! Dooooo what! I grabbed the box and it said, right there on the front, 1 in 10 boxes contain a General Mills discover Gift Card. The amounts were $5, $10 & $25. We got the $25 one. I have to say that she is most definitely our little lucky charm....she had the winning scratch off and she found the gift card. I think she's a keeper!

Happy Thursday party peeps! Don't forget Grey's Season Finale tonight. I will be on my couch with a box of tissues. Holla!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

poo on you...

...well, almost. It always seems that I have a story about poo. My child is obsessed with it. Well, as I have mentioned before in my blogs, she is getting real close to being serious about potty training. She still doesn't tell me when she needs to go, she just goes and when she starts is when she lets me know, or when I see her running around without any pants or a diaper on, I know she has peed. We used to never have this problem, she never minded being wet, which was a blessing when she was a baby, but now, she can dribble a couple of drops in that diaper and she is taking it off. I don't think that she minds the wetness, I think that she thinks that she is being a big girl. I am seriously considering training pants......or duct tape. Anyway, last night she was running around telling me when she peed, so we are on the third diaper knowing that I only had 5 left and the two that stay in the diaper bag when she starts telling me that she poo-pooed. I literally said to her "yeah, right." I didn't think she had......until she took her diaper off and turned around real fast to show me the poop in her diaper WHEN IT GOES FLYING ACROSS THE ROOM and landed an inch from my toes. I wasn't mortified or anything, I have come to expect this from her....but I have fished doody balls from the tub, I have chased rolling doody balls, I have had a doody ball, literally, fall in my lap, but I have never had poo flung at me. And it wasn't a little doody ball either, I was surprised that that could come out of such a little person. I guess this is just the stage that we are in right now. It's just too funny!

Happy Hump Day, peeps! Holla!

Monday, May 11, 2009

moving with a toddler... impossible! Anyone want to come to my house and pack it up for me???? Emilia is a huge help.........................with unpacking. I know that she has to be nervous, but she is into EVERYTHING. I am ending up taking a day off, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, to pack without her being there. Thank goodness we will have a 4 day weekend to get things in order. Once again we will be throwing stuff in boxes just to get it done. Who knew one family could accumulate so much JUNK! Seriously half of what we own could be classified as junk. this makes me want to be a minimalist. Fo real!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

more on the potty

Emilia went pee-pee on the potty at daycare yesterday! This is GREAT! The last 2 days she has sat on the potty at all changing times, but yesterday at the 4:00 change, she went on the potty! I was so excited!!!! We are going through diapers like it is nobody's business....she is getting to the point where when she pees once, she will take the diaper off and hand it to me.

When we got home yesterday, I stripped her down and we went and got in the pool, which is becoming an everyday thing now. So, when she was ready to get out, I just put a diaper on her until she was ready for her bath....well, she peed in her diaper and she took it off and brought it to me, then she turned to walk off and all of a sudden she turned around real fast, her eyes were really big, and she grabs her butt and starts saying "pee-poo" over and over again, so I asked her if she wanted to go to the potty and she says no, so I put the diaper back on her because I knew what was about to happen. She runs over behind the dog crates, squats down and got real quiet for a couple minutes. When she was done, she comes out, says "pee-poo" again and took her diaper off....a couple of doody balls did fall out, but for the most part, she was real clean about it and tried to help me out.

Ohhhh, the joys of potty training...

I spoke too soon

Ugh! I am eating my words....the last 2 nights, she has been up again. And the last 2 nights, from about 3:30 a.m. on, we have slept on the floor in the den. I am going to miss that room. I guess I am going to have to leave the blow up mattress blown up so we can sleep on the floor in her room in the new house. She just seems to want to be with me, me and a glass of juice.

You know, I was reading on why this could be going on and what I can do to make it stop when I read a comment that a parent had written on this one particular article and I think it helped me to be a little more patient with Emilia. The article was basically about how the child needs to learn to put themselves to sleep, which we have been doing from the get-go, but now all of a sudden she can't stay asleep or put herself to sleep anymore. And the mother commented on the article saying that this was HER child and that she appreciates articles like this that help a lot of parents, but if her child needed her in the middle of the night, then she was going to get up and be with her child. She went on to say that they are only this little once and before you know it, you can't hold them and rock them anymore, you can't soothe them as easily as you can at this age, so why not get up with your child. Why make them cry and scream? After all, you really don't know why they woke up to begin with. Maybe they did have a bad dream and they need to be comforted. Maybe they just need to know that you are right outside the room. So, after reading what that mom had written, I realized that she was right. I may be sleep deprived and I may be cranky and I may not be getting over the crud because of the lack of sleep and the stress of having a toddler, but I am embracing that I can still comfort her and hold her in my lap and rock her comfortably. Sometimes I just wish that she could need her Daddy as much as she needs me, but I know if it were the other way around, I would miss all this "snuggle time," so I am trying to learn to deal with it and embrace her needing me at night.....maybe just not EVERY night. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

two nights in a row...

...of sleep. PRAISE THE LORD! I knew he was looking out for me. I guess those antibiotics are finally kicking in. Woohoo! Do a little dance....make a little love....get down tonight....get down tonight. Anyway, when I say a "night of sleep," I mean she made it from nightfall to a time that was paste a "getting home from the club" time. Friday, she went to bed at 8, was up at 10, 12, 2 and got up at 3:30. We were able to go back to sleep after a glass of juice, but like 4 in the morning....COME ON! Saturday she slept from 8-5:30 and last night was 8-5:50. I'll take it, yes I will!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Freshman Class Photo

Can you believe it...they got all these 1 year olds to sit still long enough to get a class picture! This is Emilia's class at O2B Kids College. In case you can't tell, she is the one being held on the left side of the picture. She is in good hands with Miss Alex.