Wednesday, May 13, 2009

poo on you...

...well, almost. It always seems that I have a story about poo. My child is obsessed with it. Well, as I have mentioned before in my blogs, she is getting real close to being serious about potty training. She still doesn't tell me when she needs to go, she just goes and when she starts is when she lets me know, or when I see her running around without any pants or a diaper on, I know she has peed. We used to never have this problem, she never minded being wet, which was a blessing when she was a baby, but now, she can dribble a couple of drops in that diaper and she is taking it off. I don't think that she minds the wetness, I think that she thinks that she is being a big girl. I am seriously considering training pants......or duct tape. Anyway, last night she was running around telling me when she peed, so we are on the third diaper knowing that I only had 5 left and the two that stay in the diaper bag when she starts telling me that she poo-pooed. I literally said to her "yeah, right." I didn't think she had......until she took her diaper off and turned around real fast to show me the poop in her diaper WHEN IT GOES FLYING ACROSS THE ROOM and landed an inch from my toes. I wasn't mortified or anything, I have come to expect this from her....but I have fished doody balls from the tub, I have chased rolling doody balls, I have had a doody ball, literally, fall in my lap, but I have never had poo flung at me. And it wasn't a little doody ball either, I was surprised that that could come out of such a little person. I guess this is just the stage that we are in right now. It's just too funny!

Happy Hump Day, peeps! Holla!

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Gwen said...

HYSTERICAL!!! Thanks for the giggle