Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I spoke too soon

Ugh! I am eating my words....the last 2 nights, she has been up again. And the last 2 nights, from about 3:30 a.m. on, we have slept on the floor in the den. I am going to miss that room. I guess I am going to have to leave the blow up mattress blown up so we can sleep on the floor in her room in the new house. She just seems to want to be with me, me and a glass of juice.

You know, I was reading on why this could be going on and what I can do to make it stop when I read a comment that a parent had written on this one particular article and I think it helped me to be a little more patient with Emilia. The article was basically about how the child needs to learn to put themselves to sleep, which we have been doing from the get-go, but now all of a sudden she can't stay asleep or put herself to sleep anymore. And the mother commented on the article saying that this was HER child and that she appreciates articles like this that help a lot of parents, but if her child needed her in the middle of the night, then she was going to get up and be with her child. She went on to say that they are only this little once and before you know it, you can't hold them and rock them anymore, you can't soothe them as easily as you can at this age, so why not get up with your child. Why make them cry and scream? After all, you really don't know why they woke up to begin with. Maybe they did have a bad dream and they need to be comforted. Maybe they just need to know that you are right outside the room. So, after reading what that mom had written, I realized that she was right. I may be sleep deprived and I may be cranky and I may not be getting over the crud because of the lack of sleep and the stress of having a toddler, but I am embracing that I can still comfort her and hold her in my lap and rock her comfortably. Sometimes I just wish that she could need her Daddy as much as she needs me, but I know if it were the other way around, I would miss all this "snuggle time," so I am trying to learn to deal with it and embrace her needing me at night.....maybe just not EVERY night. :)

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