Monday, May 11, 2009

moving with a toddler... impossible! Anyone want to come to my house and pack it up for me???? Emilia is a huge help.........................with unpacking. I know that she has to be nervous, but she is into EVERYTHING. I am ending up taking a day off, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, to pack without her being there. Thank goodness we will have a 4 day weekend to get things in order. Once again we will be throwing stuff in boxes just to get it done. Who knew one family could accumulate so much JUNK! Seriously half of what we own could be classified as junk. this makes me want to be a minimalist. Fo real!

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What?! said...'s a pain. Bless your heart. Wait till she gets a little older and doesn't want you to throw anything away either. Dear Lawd!