Wednesday, January 14, 2009

where did my child go?????????

I have to tell everyone about this, because if I don't get this out someone IS going to get hurt!!!!! I was trying to think of a title for this blog and so many came to mind 1) crying, screaming and whining....oh my! 2) my heathen child 3) child for sale 4) someone please take me away....where's Calgon when you need it?....just to name a few. I can safely say that there will be NO baby mcnuggets in my near future after this past week.

Ever since last Thursday my child has done nothing but cry and scream and whine and throw things and bang her head against the floor. The daycare says that she has been nothing but an angel.......I think they have her confused with another child, because she is not that angel at home. HEEEEELP! Is this the terrible twos? We went through this around 14 months and I thought she was hitting the terrible twos early, then she got better, now it's back to the fit throwing. I about beat her senseless last night......once again, she was mad at me for not letting her go outside and play 1) it is friggin cold 2)she has a cold and shouldn't be outside playing in the cold anyway. Well, that led to a full hour of fit pitching and screaming. She first threw her straw from her cup, then she threw the cup...I picked them both up and told her not to throw things...blah, blah....and turned around to go sit on the couch and right when my butt hit the cushion, it happened........the whole cup, FULL of juice, goes flying through the air and lands on my juice everywhere! I lost it. I will admit, I lost it! Now, some people might not agree with what I am about to say, but might I remind you that every parent has their own "style." I spanked her (on the diaper) AND put her in time out. In my mind that called for double punishment! She had warnings and she knows better than to do what she did. She sat there and watched me clean it up without so much as a peep. It is amazing that she doesn't have red hair. I can't say much....she comes by it honestly. She is a happy child, really she is, but I think she misplaced herself because this is not my child.


j.e.w. candy said...

You did right honey!

Amber said...

Good for you!! I was spanked as a child (more than I want to mention) and I turned out o.k. so I truly believe in it. Hang in there!! This too shall pass

Alice said...

I wonder many days where MY sweet baby went...wait till they get mouthy!