Thursday, January 22, 2009

no, tuuuuu, tweeeeee

My baby can count! We found out last night that not only can she count to three, she can throw some pretty mean gang signs. We will have to keep her out of California, fo sho! Seriously, she walked up to us and said "tuuuuuu" not quite like a normal sounding 'two,' but pretty good, none the less. So then we started counting and 'one' came out "no," which is funny because we hear that a lot lately, but it sounded like she was totally trying to say 'one.' She can say "wow" and "whoa," but not "one"'.....interesting. And 'three' came out pretty good as "twee." We were so excited. I am going to have to get out her baby book and write all this down. I haven't kept up with it very well.

Oh, and for the gang signs....when she came up and said "tuuuuuuu" she had her thumb and firts two fingers sticking out. (I am thinking that it may be hard for her to keep her two fingers up without her thumb.) Anyway, she did that on one hand and pointed them down, then she cocks her head to the side and does it with both hands in fron t of her chest, pointed down. I mean, she could have been Snoop Dogg's twin or was so funny! I will have to get a picture of thing I know she's going to sippin on some Gin and Juice....

later peeps!

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