Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wednesday rants and randoms

Well, Emilia is moving up to the 2 year of yesterday. We are not extremely happy with this decision. It was a decision that was made and then ran by us for our opinion. She was supposed to move up in August, but during the transition time she has been having a really hard time going between the two rooms. She isn't one of those kids that just run out and try new things...the thinks long and hard about them and has to become familiar with her surroundings and then thinks some more about it before she does something. Since the transition has been hard on her, and, I am assuming, hard on the teachers with all her screaming and crying, they are "ripping the band-aid off, so to speak." I can see this is going to cause a problem. They said, developmentally, that she is ready for the move, however, I don't think that she is emotionally ready. She apparently attaches herself very deeply to people.

In other Emilia news, we have a new term in the house...."MY TURN." I got pushed off the scale the other day (the dreaded scale) and was told that it was her turn. She loves to get on the scale...I hope that this continues for her, because I sure as hell hate it! Lets see, her vocabulary is just growing more and more every day. She told me to "shut" the sunroof yesterday. And she finally said "sock" this morning, but then she called it a cock again and I guess that was the end of that. She has gone back to calling the Ritz Bitz cockles again. I tell you, I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. And thanks to my Mother-In-Law, she loves Ring Around the Rosey, but she calls that "Busy." I think because she hears us say that we are dizzy, so that's what she thinks it is...I don't know. Who knows with kids!?!?!?!? When she says "ice" it comes out as "ass." Cocks, cockles & ass.....

I guess that is about it...I am sure I have more, but my brain is fried seeing as how I was up 4 times with her last night...I guess it just wasn't a good night for her. All these changes!

Later, party peeps!

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