Friday, July 17, 2009

my smart girl

I don't know if this is appropriate for her age, developmentally, or if I just have a smart cookie on my hands. I choose to think she is brilliant, personally. Anyway, I have to tell you guys about what happened yesterday....

Emilia loves to play "night-night," so she grabbed my blanket off my bed and made me make a pallet on the living room floor so I could go night-night. She laid down beside me and then she jumps up with a gasp and says "book!" So, she goes and gets a book and comes back and proceeds to read me a book. (I have a big smile on my face just typing this) My baby read a book to me! It was Disney's Mealtime Fun and Mickey, Minnie and Pluto were eating and she would point to Minnie and say "Mommy," then she would point to Mickey and say "Daddy," then she would point to Pluto and say "Mussy." She can associate too! How AWESOME is that! Sometimes Pluto was Mussy and sometimes Pluto was Tucy, and sometimes he was Mussy-Tucy, but regardless, she can associate now instead of her just saying "puppy" when she sees a dog. Anyway, she continued to read to me, which was absolutely precious and gave me butterflies.

Later that night, we were trying to calm her down for bed time and she got a baby doll and a book, she put the baby doll in her lap and read to her baby. She was telling the baby what all the pictures went something like this "Baby, airpane. Baby, airpane. Baby, row-row. (boat) Baby, puppy. Baby, juice." Then she grabbed her baby's hand and said "Baby, touch. Baby, airpane. Baby, touch. Baby, no touch." It was the cutest thing in the world! My heart just melted. She has developed quite the imagination!

I love her! (even though she drives me crazy!)

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i'm black betty said...

oh, that is just wonderful. i LOVE it. they are so precious at this age. put a book on her head...i'm jus' sayin'...

love ya. mean it.