Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the year of the stroller

Can you believe the strollers? We were blessed with babies this Christmas, and Emilia loves each one of them. They are all different. There will be no shortage on baby doll rides in this house. We actually have more strollers than baby dolls. This was a good Christmas. Emilia got to open presents at each grandparent's house and at home. The first stop was Mimi's house, on Christmas Eve, where she wasn't too interested past the first present, which was the baby. However, she was all about helping Chason open his and playing with his toys. Photobucket The next morning, Santa came and we had our family Christmas. Photobucket She was most excited about the ball that Santa left. Santa also had the bright idea of giving her a shopping buggy and some food.......BAD SANTA! Don't think that I am not kicking myself in the azz for that one. It's unloading the food in mama and daddy's lap, then reloading the food in the buggy, then unloading the food, then reloading the food....all while keeping it off the floor so the dogs won't chew it up. A chili pepper, a few hot dogs and french fries have been lost since Christmas day....thanks to Murphy and Lucy. The shopping buggy is curently in the laundry room, where it is going to stay until I go back to work on Monday. She later realized that she could get in the tent, but her daddy had to show her, first.Photobucket (please excuse the mess in that picture...I had crap everywhere).
Later that day, we went to Grammy and Grampy's house for Christmas lunch. Photobucket She got some cool stuff to keep out at their house and a table and chairs to bring home. She loves the table and chairs, she likes to just sit there like a big girl....and do nothing.
Oh, and I almost forgot, she now has her very own play yard. Thanks to Santa and Uncle Craig for making it happen. Santa brought the climber and Uncle Craig got her the picnic table and umberella, so lots of picnics will be eaten out there this spring and summer. Photobucket
Later, peeps!

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i'm black betty said...

all those strollers...looks like the diva's room!! LOL!