Wednesday, December 31, 2008

saying goodbye to a friend

I believe Boyz II Men said it best when they sang "It's so haaaaaard to say goooodbyyyyyee to yessssterrrdayyyyeeeeeeeeee." This love seat has been with me through so much of my life, it has seen my high school years back in my parents house in Brandon, it has been with me through living on my own in Birmingham, in both places, and it has been back in my parent's house in High Springs, FL, and was the first love seat of mine and Ricky's marriage. It has been through countless moves, has kept many a booty comfortable, has been the sleeping place of numerous friends, and has the scars to prove it. It has had many pets sleep on it, it has been my protection, blocking my door from the crazies, in Birmingham, so I would feel comfortable sleeping alone in my old, but FABULOUS apartment. I have smoked many a cigarette and drank many a drink on this love seat and it has never failed me. This love seat has also held my first child. I will miss you, old friend. You are going to a better place, couch heaven, as I like to think of it. I couldn't just sit on the curb without one final picture. This is the next to last piece of furniture that I have of my single days. That last entertainment center is going to hard to let go of. I know it's only a love seat, but I feel that a little piece of me is sitting on that curb, waiting to be picked up by Waste Management. So long old friend, you were great! I will miss you!

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Alice said...

love it....I had one of those but after Mrsth. Kitty shat and pissed all over it ...i was happy to see it go.