Sunday, December 28, 2008

i'm baaaaaaaaack

Hey! Long time, no write! I have been a little busy. Of course as I sit here and finally get caught up on all this, I can't think of a dang thing that went on this month. I think that my brain has just blocked most of it out. Let's see here....let me start of by saying Merry belated Christmas, everyone out there in blog land, and I hope that you have a fantastic new year!!!!!!

Where do I start????? Well, earlier this month, my bathroom exploded....our one little bathroom decided to explode. Some how "thick paper" got flushed down the says the plumber, which I believe. And I believe I know what happened....lets just say that it involves us running out of toilet paper and some people thinking that they can flush "thick paper" down the potty. Well, that along with baby wipes. I am sure some little fingers may have had something to do with this too. Amazing what happens when mama isn't home. The tub was clogged too, that was ALL me....and the fur that I shed when I wash my hair. Oh well.... Oh, and like a true Mississippi girl, I peed in the back yard...yee haw!

After the bathroom incident, sickness ran through the house. Emilia got sick and can I just say that an 18 month old stomach should not hold as much stuff as what landed on me that night. Three times.....three times that child blew chunks ALL over me....down my shirt, in my hair, in my lap. The poor thing. After all that vomiting, she dry heaved for a couple more hours. After that last time of her actually throwing up on me, I got smart and put a towel over my chest when I held her and tried to transmit all my love and sympathy to her when I rocked her for an hour and half after that. I thought it was just something she ate, but I may have been wrong since that was a Tuesday night and that Friday I found myself sleeping on the bathroom floor. Okay, so I didn't sleep on the bathroom floor, but I sure did lay there for a while. I threw up 10 times and shit my pants six. Yes, that's right, six damn times.....I went threw several pairs of underwear and showers that night. I was soooo weak and in dismay that I couldn't quite grasp the concept of every time I threw up, I crapped myself. I finally wised up, obviously after the sixth time, and told Ricky to bring me a trash bag since our garbage can was full, so I could actually sit on the toilet and throw up at the same time. I splattered painted my bathroom wall a fabulous shade of poo. Yuck! Needless to say I lost a quick 5 pounds. And I was so mad too since I was supposed to go to a much needed girls night in on Friday night and a friend's graduation party on Saturday. Luckily, Ricky to did not experience this torture. I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

Also this month, I had my very first neurologist appointment. Not that this should be exciting or anything, but it sounds all kinds of important. I had been having this spinal pain since having Emilia, this unexplained, terrible pain shooting up my spin. It feels just like it did right after I had my spinal block, which led me to believe that it had something to do with that....apparently not, but maybe....who knows....not the neurologist. I did, however, learn that I have a brain malformation. GREAT NEWS, DOC! It's called a Chiara Malformation, and apparently it's nothing big. My brain is just herniated into my spinal column. This, however, is not the cause of my pain, just the cause of my headaches. He asked me if I had been having headaches and I was so nervous about being there in the first place, I told him no. Duh, I do have them, but now I know why I have them. I am just supposed to take advil if it bothers me or until the advil doesn't work anymore and I have to have brain surgery. Okay, I got all that off line, not from him, but he did tell me if I started having headaches, just take over the counter meds to help. This was at SHANDS at UF, and for those of you who don't know what that is, it's the teaching hospital at UF. I felt like I was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy....I have 5 people in the room with me....all in white coats. Talk about making a girl nervous. Sheesh. So after all that, I am fine and there is no explanation for my spinal pain, he said his best guess is that they nicked a nerve root while doing my spinal block or that I have muscle strain pinching a nerve. Either way, neither is anything major. I paid $25 to sit in a room for 2 hours and be told THAT!

I have also had the drama of this being Emilia's last few weeks with Magda, her daycare provider. This ended up being a little more dramatic than I had hoped. I will spare you the story since this blog is already getting kind of long. It was a bitter sweet three days this week. Magda has taken care of Emilia since she was 9 weeks old. She has been like another grandmother to her. We have had our ups and our downs, but this is going to be, by far, the best decision for Emilia. She is ready to go to big girl school. She starts O2B Kids College on January 5. I will blog more about that later. I will finish this Magda paragraph with this story, though....I use Boudreaux's Butt Paste, works great on Emilia, Magda did not like this. She INSISTED on using Triple Creme for diaper rash, so in order to appease her, that is what I sent to, a year ago. Around that same time, Emilia had a touch of a yeast infection, so the Dr. prescribed Nystatin cream for her and gave us 2 tubes. I sent one to daycare and kept one at home. Now, backtracking just a bit here, Wednesday was her last day, so Magda bagged up what was left of Emilia's things and gave them to Ricky when he picked her up. I finally got to putting that stuff up yesterday and to my shock I found an empty tube of Nystatin and a BRAND NEW tube of Triple Creme.....WTF????? Our best guess is that she had been using the yeast infection cream for diaper rash. That explains why Emilia would have diaper rash a lot....she wasn't using the right stuff. I could not believe it, just could not believe it. Not that I think it would harm her, but really thinking about it, it could have killed all the good yeast and bacteria and caused a lot of harm. I was just speechless. Oh well....not much to do about it now, but at least I do have a new tube of diaper rash cream to send to the new daycare.

Oh, in other Emilia news, we are starting to potty train. Nothing has happened yet. No peepee in the potty yet. She pats the potty and says "peepee" and she pats her crotch and says "peepee," so she grasps the concept, it is just actually doing it that seems to be the hold up. It will happen though, I am in no rush, however it would be nice if she were potty trained by her birthday. Just would be nice.

Alright, I am going for now. I think that I gave you enough to read for one blog. Up next....the Christmas blog. I think that it will be entitled 'The Year of the Stroller.'

Till next time....

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