Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TN Tailgate

Here we are again....after several years and many goings on, the girls of the SAO party again. It sucks that I was the only sober one, but hey, I had my kid! This past weekend was the Florida v. Tennessee game. I had some friends come in from Colorado, Tallahassee and Lake City to celebrate. I brought Emilia along to have some fun too....she loved it! I have already blogged about this, so I won't bore you any more with it, but here are just a couple pictures of us from the tailgate. I didn't take either of these...if I had I might have angled the camera a little different to not make me look so large, but I can't complain, it's a picture of me and my baby...she makes it better. Plus, I figure you are looking at her and not me. :)



Thank you, Meredith, for taking these pictures!

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