Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tubes next week

We went yesterday for Emilia's pre-op appt. for tubes.

We were really hoping to get through the summer, but no such luck. This time (11 days ago) she not only had a middle ear infection in her right ear, but she had swimmers ear on top of that. Her little ear was so bad that when they irrigated it with water, it bled...a lot. I think this may have been the only appt. that I wanted to cry at. You could tell it hurt so bad. It took 3 of us to hold her down. Poor thing! My chest feels heavy just thinking about it. Oh, and not only did she have the infections in her right ear, she had suction in her left ear that was sucking her eardrum inward.....crazy!

We go next Tuesday to have the tubes put in. We have heard WONDERFUL things about our Dr. and he is great with her. She still cries and told him, yesterday, that her Daddy was going to beat him up, but other than that, he is great with kids. I have had several friends, down here, that have used him and even one that drove from Tallahassee to have him put tubes in her daughter's ears. That says a lot to me, so I am comfortable with him. say a little prayer for us that everything will go well with the anesthesia and that she will be fine afterward.


i'm black betty said...

poor baby girl, but i'm so glad to hear she is getting them. the diva was a DIFFERENT child after she had hers. it was a god-send.

i'll be thinking about and praying for you guys. xoxo

i'm black betty said...

happy burfday!!!