Monday, April 13, 2009

updates on the house

For those of you that I have not talked to in a while, I have been sucked into the house buying frenzy! I would not recommend this for the faint of heart, this is no fun! So far we have had our inspection and all our mortgage paperwork has been submitted and now we are waiting on our appraisal, which includes the FHA inspection and then we have to wait to do the survey and the WDO inspection....hello, can I get another inspection???? Ok, not really, but seriously, I am glad that FHA wants us to be in a good, sound house, but all these things are killing me. And then we are trying to price carpet, for the bedrooms, on top of all that. Uuggghhhh!

So, little story to let you know how stressed out I it is, the middle of April, and as of last week, I had already paid over $800 in daycare....hellooooooo, my daycare is only $656/mo. What in the hell was I thinking????? Oh well, at least we don't have to pay again until the end of the month. That was also with a late payment because I forgot to pay for one week in March. I just can't seem to get it together, at all! Oh well, it will be over soon.

Anyway, here is our house....

Later, peeps!

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What?! said...

I'm sorry, boo. This too shall pass!