Sunday, January 24, 2010

my kid is awesome.

On Friday and Saturday nights we let Emilia stay up late to watch Wonder Pets at 9. Well, by this point on Friday I am ready to pass out and this past Friday was no exception. I thought that I was pretty lucky when Emilia pulled out her little Dora couch and laid down on it and Ricky laid on the floor beside her....I got to lay on the couch. I thought that maybe I could doze through Backyardagains and Wonder Pets and wake up in time to put her to bed. Well, once my little one realized that I was laying down she wanted up on the couch with me, but not to lay down. She crawled up by my head and sat Indian style with her tummy facing the top of my head and she held my head very carefully and cradled it then started rocking side to side and singing "Rock a Bye Baby" to me. It was the most AWESOME thing. She is so friggin' smart. I guess I just didn't realize what to expect at this age, but she is definitely exceeded any expectations that I had.

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i'm black betty said...

your kid is awesome...and super precious! :)